Respectful Leadership, Service to Community.

Respectful Leadership, Service to Community.

April 28, 2019

To the Naperville Community:

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who voted in the April 2 Consolidated Election and to all individuals who supported our remarkable achievement. As we waited for every vote to be counted in the close Naperville Mayoral election, I’ve appreciated every kind thought, hand-written note and email from residents, business leaders and elected officials who opined that we were successful on many levels, “causing and energizing discussions on important community issues.”

I am very proud to have had the honor to run for Naperville Mayor and privileged to have campaigned with such a hard-working and dedicated team. We were grass roots, we listened, and we never compromised our values or that of the caring community we represented. We strove valiantly with great enthusiasm to stand on our platform that took us along the high road until the end.  And in the end, our victory was the high achievement and recognition of our Community of Purpose.

Five recently-elected Naperville City Council members will be sworn in at 3PM on Sun., May 5. I wish every one of them well as they take their oath of office to serve our city.

Thanks to encouragement from many new and longtime friends, I plan to stay involved, aiming to effect change with a purpose.

Meanwhile, later this month on May 27, our great nation will observe Memorial Day, our day to remember all American men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military to protect our cherished freedoms, including our right to vote and all 27 Amendments to the Constitution.

With the warmest regards and Semper FI,

Rocky Caylor

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