An Open Letter to the Community

February 25, 2019

I was disappointed last week to learn that Stonebriar Research LLC, a Texas-based opposition research organization, has been hired in an attempt to damage my reputation by impugning my service to this country, the operation of my company and attacking me personally.

For the record, I am intensely proud of my time as a Marine, serving overseas with the 1st Battalion, 9th Marines and I was humbled to be given the honor of being the Guidon Bearer at Marine Barracks, Washington D.C., 8th & I, where, among other duties, I served at the White House and Arlington Cemetery. It was my absolute privilege to do so, and I continue my service by helping and mentoring our veterans through my involvement with Warriors for Life and Marines for Life.

Likewise, I am proud of the company I helped build. Few companies commit to creating the kind of culture we strive for every day. From our emphasis to hiring veterans, to creating internship programs in partnership with local schools, and building an indoor soccer field in our building for our youth, we live by the rule that you give back to the community.

Love of family, service to the country and my community has defined my life. It did so in my past, it does so today and will continue to do so in the future. This is who I am.

There is no place in Naperville for the kind of political slander we see today on the national stage. Operatives like Stonebriar search for ways to twist facts and mislead with unsubstantiated narratives. I and my campaign denounce any attempt to bring these disgraceful tactics to our community. The focus of this election must be on our local issues and the future of Naperville.

Rocky Caylor
Candidate for Naperville Mayor

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