A Letter Concerning Libel, False Narratives and Massaging the Truth

March 26, 2019

Dear Neighbors!

It is with great dismay and disgust, I denounce and stand willing to be interviewed on any of the recently posted libel against me.

This type of misleading information is the result of the opposition research firm hired by Mayor Chirico. Stonebriar Research, LLC’s mission was to find facts that could be twisted into a false narrative about my past in an attempt to damage my reputation. They have called into question my military service, released my SS# to unauthorized persons and attempted to tie me to events I had no role in.

None of the individuals that are posting these National Enquirer-type stories on social media about me have talked with me about any of it. The stories are built around one or two founded facts taken out of context, then massaged into a message, coupled with speculation and guilt by association.

When did running for Naperville Mayor to serve the entire community stoop to this level?

We should be talking about the budget, sales taxes, infrastructure, the proper scope of development, and how to once again bring the community together to grow and prosper. This is what Naperville voters care about.

If you have questions for me or would just like to meet in person to form your own opinion, please come on out to one of the public events which will be announced soon, and let’s talk.

We are neighbors, we are friends, we will be a community of purpose, united for Naperville’s future!

Rocky Caylor
Candidate for Naperville Mayor

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