Rocky is the right choice for Mayor. His success in business came from being a consensus builder. Rocky leads by respecting differing opinions and bringing people together. He will assure that Naperville’s future is determined in dialogue with its residents. On top of that he is a good man; honest, humble and generous!

Rebecca Boyd-Obarski

Naperville City Councilwoman

Rocky will bring a more collaborative, team-focused approach to the council. His leadership will create a more inclusive culture that will bring residents, business owners, and city staff together to move Naperville forward.  Naperville will become a community of purpose! 

John Krummen

Naperville City Councilman

I support Rocky Caylor for Mayor because he stands for much of what we are lacking right now; transparency, fairness, collaboration, and community. He stands for all neighborhoods in this city, promising to listen and build a city that serves all of us not just the few. Rocky will be the kind of mayor that will work, collaborate, and compromise with all of the council not just those who agree with him. He’s the neighbor that is always there, a man who truly cares for each and every one of us.

Becky Anderson

Naperville City Councilwoman

I support Rocky because he will have the same respect for people and the same open door policy my dad had. He will listen to your concerns whether big or small. My dad was not happy with the direction that Naperville was going and did not feel that city hall was listening to the concerns of citizens the way it did when he was mayor.  If dad was still with us, he would be Rocky’s biggest supporter. Both of them love this city and want to see the best for Naperville. Rocky will bring us back to what Naperville was when my dad was mayor.

Carol Pradel

Lifelong Naperville Resident

Rocky will listen to the people of Naperville and will take to heart their concerns. As a Marine Veteran, he values people, first and foremost. Just as he has served his country, Rocky will serve the people of Naperville in a most caring and honorable way. I think Rocky is an outstanding candidate for Mayor of Naperville.

Ron Keller

Director, Naperville Municipal Band

I wrote the book on Naperville history, literally(!) and I wholeheartedly endorse Rocky Caylor as our next Mayor of Naperville. Rocky, like so many of our great civic leaders throughout the story of Naperville, is a transplant to Naperville. He and his family found a place to call home here in Naperville where he quietly assisted in the health and well-being of the less fortunate. When the Old Nichols Library was threatened with destruction, he stepped up to save a significant part of our beautiful Naperville story. As a member of the Save Old Nichols Library team, I witnessed firsthand Rocky’s passion and leadership. I believe Rocky’s dedication to his adopted community is real. I believe Rocky is the best candidate to lead Naperville through this exciting new chapter in our city’s growth and development. His open, honest, sensible and careful style of leadership is what Naperville needs to continue to be the wonderful, attractive community that it is.

Bryan J. Ogg

Historian and Author of Naperville: A Brief History

If it had not been for this man, Rocky Caylor, and a dedicated group of residents, there would be a pile of rubble where the original Nichols Library is now standing as the gateway to Central Park. Our Naperville history is very important and must be preserved. Rocky has my vote!

Dolle Nichols

I support Rocky Caylor for Mayor because he will bring people together, especially those whose voices have not been heard and who have not had any representation at the decision-making tables of the city. Most importantly, he has the vision to lead our city toward a better future for all of us.

My husband and I were among the first few Chinese families settling in Naperville in the early 1970s. My two children were born and raised here and now my granddaughter is attending the same school that my daughter did. Although Asian Americans are now 18% of our city’s population, we are still invisible in the eyes of many local officials and candidates. 

When I first met Rocky, I was impressed by his sincerity and genuine interest to reach out to the Chinese American community. It is time we elect a leader who believes in open and transparent government serving all our residents.

Nancy Chen

Retired Regional Director, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor

Rocky has proven to be a community pillar of leadership. He has rolled up his sleeves and worked tirelessly to make a positive, impactful and lasting difference in the communities in which he lives and works. I have always found Rocky to be highly collaborative and innovative, seeking to find creative solutions that work for all parties involved. He has championed initiatives that ultimately benefit a broad and diverse range of audiences, motivated simply by a desire to serve others. We are incredibly fortunate to have Rocky’s leadership in our community.

Scott Paddock

President of Chicagoland Speedway and Route 66 Raceway. Scott played basketball at Notre Dame from 1986-1990 and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Illinois Special Olympics.

Rocky Caylor has been a great business leader in Will County who cares about those in our community.  Whether supporting those hurt by natural disasters by organizing collection of needed goods, or his work on behalf of our veterans, he has always been a leader that works for others.

As a strategic planner, job creator and faithful team builder, Rocky always seems ready to step up in support of identifying ways to embrace devoted service and compassion for the success of everyone involved.

I support Rocky Caylor in his campaign and I encourage others to do the same.

Larry Walsh Sr.

Will County Executive

Rocky is a truly kind person.  When you have a conversation with him you can tell he is genuinely listening and cares what you have to say.  Rocky’s ability to connect with others and his desire to surround himself with people from diverse backgrounds are two of many reasons why I think he will make an excellent mayor for the city of Naperville.

Lindsey Woodward

Naperville Resident

Serving in the United States Armed Forces is an honor. Serving in the Marine Corps is a privilege. A privilege that only a chosen few can claim. Rocky is one of those chosen few who served his time and was honorably discharged. Rocky has help several veterans with mentorship, finance planning, and job placement skills. I am one of his statistics of successful veteran outreach he has done in the community. For those who know what the field, jungle or the desert mean, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, pick up a pair of boots, a rifle, and a seabag and go serve your time. Then come back and serve your community before you attempt to discredit a loyal patriot. Not only is Rocky my mentor, he is also my friend.

MSgt Ever Sáenz

U.S. Marine Corps

Rocky’s leadership made what could of been an unpleasant, monumental task, into an organized, rewarding, and fulfilling experience. Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013, killing more than 6,000 people and devastating the lives of thousands. The Filipino community of Chicago rallied to aid. Honest and forthright, with experience and expertise, Rocky became our team’s go-to person. He cared and took great pride in knowing he was doing something good. As we worked alongside his employees, it became evident his own employees respected Rocky as much as our team did. It is no surprise that he’s successful in his own consulting business due to his ability to lead. Those fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with him, know this as a fact.

Cynthia C. Flores

National Treasurer, Federation of Filipino American Chambers of Commerce

Rocky has been a strong supporter and mentor for our veterans in the Warrior for Life group. He has directly assisted veterans in employment through his own company and his large network of connections.

Rocky is always ready and willing to advise our veterans and brings the entire team together with his words of encouragement and guidance.

Rocky has always been a great leader in the continuity and longevity of the Warrior for Life Program.

Danielle Sanzi

Major, USMCR

I’ve known Rocky for over ten years and I don’t know any other person in Chicagoland that has done more to assist our veterans than he has. Rocky has proactively worked with our veterans to help them find meaningful employment. He has hired over 90 veterans over the last decade! Rocky was essential to helping me launch the Marine for Life career assistance program in Chicago, and I personally leaned on him to help grow our veteran-friendly business network during my tenure as program lead. Rocky is a ‘roll-up-your-sleeves’ leader that doesn’t mind jumping into the thick of it to ‘make-it-happen.’ In my time working with him, instead of passing along a resume or veteran to one of his team members, he would take time out of his schedule to help them one-on-one. He’s the selfless type of leader that puts the interests of others before his own.

Matt Tune

Major - U.S. Marine Corps (retired) and Naperville resident

Rocky Caylor embodies all of the ideals that are taught to those of us who have served in the military. Integrity, duty and honor are not only applicable on the battlefield, but also vital to those characteristics we should demand in our elected officials. Rocky epitomizes servant leadership and is one of those guys that I want fighting on our side and for us. He definitely has my vote for Mayor of Naperville.

Tad Godsil

LT, USN (Retired) and Active Duty U.S. Naval Aviator 1990-1999

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rocky for approximately 15 years. Rocky and I first met professionally when my practice provided medical services to the company he was affiliated with. I found Rocky to be an extremely personable individual and enjoyed working with him and his team. Over the past 15 years, we have kept in touch and I am proud to call him a friend.

Rocky is a very hardworking, dedicated, and honest person. He has chosen to run for mayor of Naperville because he enjoys helping people. I am confident he will do an outstanding job, help Naperville continue to grow, and bring the community closer together. He is a genuinely nice man with high moral character and a tremendous work ethic. He is a former Marine and a successful businessman. He will be an asset to the city of Naperville. 

Rajeev Khanna, M.D.

Sports Medicine Physician and Entrepreneur

Leadership! To most, that word describes a trait that most will look for in any circumstance, situation or opportunity. I’ve had the opportunity to be a colleague with a person that fits that description to a T! Rocky Caylor and I have served as Board Members for the Illinois Trucking Association since 2011. During this time, Rocky has taken several leadership rolls within the Association. From making calls on Washington, D.C. and Springfield to meet with federal and state legislatures to fight for the trucking industry, to hosting and promoting awareness events for teen drivers at his full-service trucking and warehouse facility in Joliet.

As the President and CEO of Cadence Premier Logistics, Rocky has been at the forefront of leading economic growth and helping to produce hundreds of jobs for a number of communities in Will county and the greater Chicagoland area. I can’t imagine anyone more qualified to lead and direct the continued growth and economic expansion for the City of Naperville, not to mention one of the most caring and sincere friends anyone could have and count on.

Dave Moss

Executive Board Member - Illinois Trucking Association

For over a decade I have worked with Rocky on issues and legislation that involved the trucking industry. During that period I have found him to be inclusive and collaborative when dealing with people to solve issues and gain consensus on projects.

Randy Thomas

Naperville Resident

I came to know Rocky as someone who would listen to facts, was concerned for his neighbors and community, and who would vocally stand up for what is right.

Steve Purduski

My name is Michael Cappellett and it has been my distinct pleasure to be associated with Rocky Caylor. Rocky represents all that is great in a leader, he is someone that consistently strives to make solid personal and professional decisions that will have a positive profound impact for all involved. Rocky is a highly disciplined professional whose character, intelligence and integrity are beyond reproach.

As a former Commissioned U.S. Army Infantry Officer, I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with many veterans in the private sector. I am very proud to count Rocky Caylor among the greatest veterans I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Rocky embodies all that is special about our veterans, he is an unselfish leader that has consistently put service of others ahead of his own interests.

 I sincerely hope the residents of Naperville have the foresight at the ballot box to choose Rocky Caylor for Naperville mayor. You will not find a more honorable man committed to the excellence of Naperville than Rocky Caylor!

Michael R. Cappellett

U.S. Army CPT, IN (Retired)